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Unique Movie Experiences On The Coast


I love watching movies at a theatre. Of course it’s very tempting to be lazy, stay home and watch Netflix but it can be such a rewarding venture to step outside and enjoy a movie on the big screen. So if you’re a movie buff like me here are some unique movie experiences on the Gold Coast - tried and tested.

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Choosing The Ideal Study Destination


It’s been a year and half for me in Australia, time has flown by in this beautiful country. It feels like just yesterday I was at home in India researching where I wanted to do my masters. As my search began the big questions that needed answering were: Where in Australia? Which university? Which Campus?


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Three Gold Coast Experiences to Make You Want to Blow Your Budget.


Being a student is hectic. In between juggling university, work, extra-curricular and internships, we’re rarely left with any time for ourselves. Even if we manage to squeeze in some time for pampering our finances are usually at an all-time low, but here are some experiences totally worth blowing the student budget for!

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Must do Coffee


Coffee for me is a synonym to sustenance, it has sustained me through university, supported me through those long all-nighters, kept me up and energetic through classes and honestly sometimes, been warm comfort during colder nights.

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Budget Busters to Beat the Monday Blues


The human body is quick to adjust to a state of low energy expenditure. It is the same for the mind. Come Friday afternoon and I’m already moving like a sloth, thinking of my sofa and Netflix. By the time Monday rolls around the question of how I’m going to reconquer an active state of mind and body to power through the week starts seeping into what can be a somewhat dreaded day. Here's my sure-fire way to beat the Monday blues.

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The Gold Coast On 2 Wheels


I got my first bike at the age 13 and cycling has been a passion of mine ever since. Cycling is insane. It’s also thrilling. More than anything cycling is an expression of freedom that motivates you to push you to your limits as you peddle on to your desired destination.

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Insta Worthy GC


Having lived and studied here for four years now I have to say the Gold Coast is gorgeous, but when a picture is worth a thousand words, anything I say is really superfluous. Here are just a few captivating Insta worthy opportunities:

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A Student’s Guide to Staying in Shape


When I hear the word “burpee”, I feel like curling up into a ball and wrapping myself in a soft sheet. Although the word “burpee” can really have a transformational effect upon our fitness condition. All one must do upon hearing it is to perform the movement. Then, after some repetition, it´s likely that a portion of those surplus-calories will have vanished. I know it´s hard. But it´s also worth it. 

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Hidden GC


Beautiful golden sands and brilliant blue waters, that’s what comes to mind when you first think of the Gold Coast, but what if I told you there’s so much more that the Gold Coast has to offer other than its world-famous beaches? From waterfalls to rock pools, here’s a list of hidden Gold Coast gems that you absolutely have to see!

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Student Safety


No matter where you go in this world every place has its potential dangers. The best way to ensure your safety is to minimise the risk. Sergeant Lyndon O’Neill is a Queensland Police Officer working within their Cultural Liaison Unit and he says that Australia is one of the safest countries in the world, so it’s good to put that into perspective, but these safety tips will work for you anywhere.

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The Power Of Networking
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Homestay Life
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Top 5 BBQ Places On The Coast
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