Build your networks and connect with students from across the city with like-minded interests through these student communities supported by Gold Coast Student Hub. Reach out to them directly if you'd like to connect with their initiatives, explore any voluntary positions or attend their next networking event. 

SOFI stands for Student Opportunities For Impact and opportunities are exactly what they want to provide in order to enable students to make the impact they desire. SOFI is passionate about equitable chances for the correct students to end up in the jobs they are passionate about. Working with Study Gold Coast, SOFI's mission is to support students to develop their skills, work experience and connections to have a fulfilling career, sooner. 

YL Initiative supports local youth by providing leadership opportunities, promoting higher education and supporting students in embracing one's culture and true identity. Their goal is to provide a series of workshops and networking events which allow students to meet with university students and established industry professionals. By encouraging students, YL Initiative wants to help create connections and relationships to last beyond the event.

Gen TM is a community that brings together all students passionate about the Tourism and Marketing industries, connecting them to industry leaders and professionals to help advance their careers.